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Proper Fluid Mix

July 6th, 2012

Like preventative and routine maintenance, ensuring clean and properly mixed fluids can also reduce equipment down time. The proper mixtures of recommended fluids improve the quality of the product produced and reduce the wear and tear on its tools. Debris filled coolants restrict its flow increasing the risk of tool breakage and machine down time. It is even possible to clean, filter, and re-use some, if not all, of your existing machine fluids whereby further reducing your production costs.

Reducing Maintenance Costs and Downtime

July 6th, 2012

Machine downtime means lost production and higher maintenance costs. If you are looking to reduce your maintenance costs and increase your production, regularly scheduled routine and preventative maintenance is a must.  We can develop a process based on the machine service manuals to perform routine and regular maintenance on your production equipment that will significantly reduce machine downtime. These processes will also add years to the life span of your expensive equipment.


July 6th, 2012

Good morning, my name is Stafford Swearingen, President, Maintenance Source, LLC and this is our blog. We are Sedalia, Mo.’s premier industrial and commercial maintenance and construction resource specializing in preventative and routine maintenance for industrial machinery. Over the coming weeks I will be offering for discussion weekly topics that range from types of routine and preventative maintenance and their benefits to ideas on moving your business to the greener side of energy usage. It is my hope that you will find some, if not all, of these topics relevant to your business or field of expertise. I challenge you to think about these topics and offer your opinion or ask any question. MSI-Maintenance Source strives to ease the burdens imposed on maintenance managers and building superintendents by being a one-stop shop for your maintenance needs. Please use our online form or pick up the phone to schedule a “lunch and learn”, and find out how we can make your life easier.